Our packages

Ball-throwing game package
At arrival reception with coffee or tea, cake, sandwich, raisin bread or pastry.
After forming the teams the game begins Two groups start at the same time; group size 4 to 6 persons.
At return there is a refreshment waiting.
Price € 6.50 pp.
Note: losing a ball costs € 10.00 per ball.

Biking package
'Sit down with us' on several farm house terraces – a biking tour
What does this imply?
Cycling in our beautiful Achterhoek and 'en route' being treated three times on three different farm house terraces near the villages of Sinderen and Lintelo. Around noon-time a copious delicious lunch is being served with all kinds of 'old' Achterhoek specialities. .

Every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday during the months of June till incl. September.
On Friday, Saturday and Sunday please make a reservation.
Groups from 8 persons and more need to make reservation.
At what time?
The start is at any of the participating farm houses between 10am and 11 am.
€ 19,50 pp, excl. route

Packages can be ordered and paid at:
Event Farm house/Resort and Coffee house 'Gr. Nibbelink'
Mrs. Dorien Schurink
Nibbelinklaan 12, Sinderen 0315-241589

Tea garden Rensink
Mrs. Josien teLindert
Tammeldijk 4, Aalten 0543-466419

Playground package.
For children parties, school classes and societies, clubs, etc. visiting us with a group of children.
This package contains:

  • 'Unlimited' drinking of orange lemonade (limited to 3/4 jug per child)
  • potato-chips or candies
  • French fries with a snack (sausage and a chicken-nugget)
  • Ice Cream (choice soft ice cream or packed ice cream)

Price € 7,00 per child. Groups bigger than 15 children: € 6,50 per child

School package.

This package contains:

  • 2 glasses of lemonade per child
  • Small bag of potato-chips
  • Ice Cream (choice soft ice cream or packed ice cream), max. € 1,30

This package can be extended with several options, please inform.
Price € 3,00 per child.

Party package

Many options exist: from drinks only up to a copious warm- and cold food buffet and ........ for ‚in between’ , drinks and a variety of appetizers and snacks

The basic package contains:

  • Reception with coffe and pastry.
  • 4 hours free drinking. ( about 10 kinds of soda, 2 brands of beer en about 3 kinds of wine).
  • Some crisps/nuts on the table.
  • Everything is ready, but it's self service
  • Price is € 15.50 per person older than 12 years


  • Cake instead of pastry: € 1.00 extra.
  • Simple cold snacks (cheese and sausage): € 0.40 per piece
  • Luxury cold snacks € 1,00 per piece. (f.i. fish, brie-cheese, beef salade)
  • Hot snacks € 0.65 per piece.

End the party with:

  • Roll with deep fried snack: € 2,20 per piece
  • Roll with warm slices of ham à € 3.50 per piece or € 3.75 with veggies.
  • Various spread rolls: € 1.25 per piece
  • Coffee or tea with chocolate/bonbon: € 2,10

Eating is also an option:

French fries and deep fried snacks buffet.

  • French fries and several deep fried snacks.
  • Rolls, veggies en warm ham (with sauces).
  • Price: € 7.50 per person over 12 years

Luxury french fries and deep fried snacks buffet.

  • Extra: meat/potato salade, drumsticks en meatballs.
  • Price: € 10,00 per person person over 12 years

Other options
Warm en cold buffet, snackbuffet, Italian buffet, Chinese buffet, potato stew buffet or BBQ. See our buffet menu
End with ice cream or coffee/chocolateAls afsluiting is er een ijsje of koffie met bonbon.
Price: starting at € 15.50 (See buffet menu) per person over 12 years

Complete package with coffee, tea, pastries, crips, nuts, drinks and buffet
Price: starting at € 31,00 (depending on which buffet) per person.
Optionlal extras: fish platter or desert buffet.

Children 3 to 11 years that don't participate in the buffet can get french fries with hot snacks and kids ice cream.
Price € 12.00 per child
Children up to 2 years, no charge

Check out our buffet menu for the possibilities

Lunching or brunching is possible too.