The 'Daele' hall

The 'Daele' hall has an underfloor heating and air conditioning to allow opening hours at any season. However, please, pay attention to our limited opening times during the colder periods of the year.

The 'Daele' hall is mainly being used for parties, like for birthdays, family happenings, company events, etc.
Favourable weather conditions may allow to organize such parties in a screened-off part of our outdoor playground.
Otherwise, these parties are held in our spacious 'Daele' where also passers-by will find ample facilities during their stay.
At the right-hand side of the building a stable-like indoor playground with farm house themes has been made – it looks as if the tractor with its trailer is just entering the barn. From the trailer, a funny slide leads directly into the cellar which is 120cm high and 90cm wide and runs under the whole of the indoor playground. The cellar has two exits, back to the indoor playground: one through the water well model and one through the watering trough model.   The playground-barn is nicely decorated with pictures symbolizing the farm house life and funny paintings, undoubtedly highly appealing to the children.