The Farmhouse-Terraces-Biking-Package

Biking in the wide surroundings of Sinderen and Aalten (approx. 40km)

The farm house terraces biking tour will lead you to two farm house terraces, each of them with a unique atmosphere. In what they are identical is the proverbial Achterhoek hospitality. Your Biking tour from terrace to terrace about 20km apart - will not follow ordinary roads and the tour can bestarted from either of the two farm houses. The tour can be made clock- and counter-clockwise.
Because of some sandy roads, the tour is not suited for scoot-mobiles.
At our download-page the routing and other useful and interesting informations are given.

Event Farmhouse and Coffee house "Groot - Nibbelink" Tea garden "Rensink"
Tea garden "Rensink"
Fam. te Lindert-Koning
Tammeldijk 4 7122 LK Aalten
Tel. +31 543-466419

Opening hours:

From May 1 till the Autumn Holiday (subject to the weather condition) Closed on Mondays
The garden covers an area of around 1,600m of which a part has been reserved for a collection of some 175 varieties of the hosta plant

Event Farmhouse and Coffee house "Groot - Nibbelink"
Fam. Schurink-Duitshof
Nibbelinklaan 12 7065 AH Sinderen.
Tel. +31 315-241589

Opening hours:

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On sale: coffee, tea, non-alcoholic drinks, beer, soft-ice, packed ice cream
Terrace under old trees and viewing the typical Achterhoek landscape.
Children will enjoy the spacious outdoor playground.
Holiday bungalow for rent