T.O.P. (Touristic Nodal Point)

Each nodal point is the start of several activities .

Biking tours
We are part of the Achterhoek ‚Nodal-Point-Biking-Circuit’ and we are known as Bikers-Nodal Point #21.
With the aid of maps or the computer individual routes can be figured out

Until recent, the following biking circuits have been arrow-marked::

- The 'Heurne' circuit: 42 or 51km (26 or 32 miles)
- A local circuit: 20km (13 miles)
- The 'Pares' circuit: 35km (22 miles)

Some of the 'described-only' circuits are:

- The 'Churches-lane' circuit: 31km (19 miles)
- The 'Lakes-path' circuit: 20 or 36km (13 or 23 miles)
- The 'Farmhouses-Terraces' biking circuit 40km (26 miles)

Walking tours
Walking circuits can be chosen from 4 to 18km (4, 6, 11 and 18km – 2.5, 4, 7 and 11 miles). These circuits are marked with blue arrows. Some of the route descriptions are available at our farm house.

Ball-throwing-game stretch
Our farm house will provide you with the balls as well as will give you the documnt describing the circuit to be followed.

Tilt-cart tours
Please call for information or to make a reservation.